Spartan Hunting Preserve Price List


Trophy Boars $1,200
Exotic Rams (Black Hawaiians, Corsican, Texas Doll, Etc.) $1,500
Fallow Bucks $4,500


(Combo Hunts are for a single Hunter)

Boar / Ram Combo $2,600
2 Boars $2,300
Boar / Deer $5,600


  • 1. Our prices already include everything. When viewing other Lodges pricing, know that it is designed to ‘Get you in the Door’. Like the ‘Sticker Price’ on a Car, BEFORE the add-ons. The Price you see on their sights is just the beginning. Then they add on things like Field Dressing Fees, Skinning and Quartering Fees, Guide Fees, etc. and then State Tax added to that (which in Tennessee is 9.75%) and before you know it you are paying in the neighborhood of $300 more than was stated to you on their sights for something as simple as one Boar Hunt. More expensive hunts add even more. Our prices are as stated. The only possible add-ons here are two things that we do not do. One is Full Processing of Meat and the other is Taxidermy. Both of which are readily available here if desired. We have local people in the area for both. In both cases, we take it to them for you and get it back from them for you for free. Full Processing of Meat is all done with ‘Same Day Service’, and I call you personally with Taxidermy on the day it is completed.
  • 2. The second thing you need to know when comparing our prices to other Lodges, is that once you read enough to realize what the actual prices are at other lodges, once all the add-ons and taxes have been applied, you need to know that that is only their “Starting Price” on what ever animal you are hunting. Most lodges fine print explains this away by using phrases like, “and up”, “+”, or “Prices are subject to change without notice”. That initial stated price, once it is completely tallied up, is for a young representative of whatever you are after. Boar, for example. That price is usually for a young, 200 pound, Boar or Sow, with no maturity, and definitely ‘No Teeth’. To actually kill something Mature with some Trophy Quality Teeth, you would have to “Speak to Someone Else”, then begin hearing whispers of words like “Presidential”. Then as those whispers begin, the whispers of the ‘Changes in Prices’ will begin shortly there after. Prices like $1500 to $2500 start ringing out. And remember that is before their traditional add ons and taxes. Hunting with us, all Boars are the Same Price and it is Mature Trophies that we are primarily after. If you kill the biggest Boar on the entire property, he is still the quoted price, and nothing more.
  • 3. All things need to be taken into consideration when comparing our prices to the prices of others. “Apples to Apples” if you will. Other lodges have a “No Kill No Pay” policy, as we do. But at their place, if you do not kill then you still pay around $300 for your meals and lodging. With us “No Kill No Pay” means if you do not see something you want to take, and you do not take it, then you pay ZERO. You pay absolutely Nothing, because we DO NOT charge for meals and lodging. That’s why, with us, a None Hunter pays Nothing to accompany you. Many lodges do not serve meals, others serve only two meals a day, while we serve you three FULL meals a day completely free. So when you look at our Prices, be sure you are looking at the ‘Full Picture’. If you choose another Lodge, keep our number. Once you have experienced what I have just described, you may want to give us a try.
  • 4. Also, by our prices appearing ‘At a Glance’ to be higher than our competitors, it steers the Rif Raf and the Bargain Shoppers away. Which, in turn, make for a nicer trip for those of you who can, and have chosen, to read.


*When comparing prices to other lodges make sure they give you the “out the door price”. That is the price after the hidden fees and add-ons.


  • The way we view it, the only thing we charge for is what you kill. A Boar, for example, is $1,200. Your 3 meals a day, lodging, us skinning and quartering the animal for you, etc., are all free. What that translates to you is three things.
  • If you don’t kill something, then you do not pay anything. Not even for your meals and lodging.
  • We do not charge anything for non hunters. We do this so that wife’s can accompany husbands, parents can accompany children, and so forth and so on. They stay for free, eat for free, go to the woods, stay at the lodge, whatever they want. This is a courtesy that we provide. All we ask is that you be courteous as well, and do not over due taking advantage of this.
  • This also means that your hunt is not charged by the day. We recommend 3 days for these hunts. First for arrival, orientation, checking weapons on the firing range if needed, etc.. The next two days are for hunting if needed. But by not charging for meals and lodging, then if you hunt two days, or 5 days, it does not change the price of the hunt. So what that means is that you can relax, because you are not ‘on the clock’ when you get here. But planning 3 days is a very good recommendation.
  • A $300 deposit PER HUNTER holds your date until you arrive. ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON REFUNDABLE. If any members of your party are a “no show”, their deposit does not go towards your hunt. Deposits can be mailed to: 51 Old Gordon Road, Grandview TN 37337, or called in over the phone with a card to 931-456-4643. We charge 4% to use a card for paying your final bill after hunting, but we DO NOT charge that for calling in a deposit with a card. Now if you send a deposit and schedule a hunt, we expect you to keep your word. If you cancel a scheduled hunt less than 1 month prior to that hunt, your deposit is not refundable, nor transferable. Also if you cancel on me less than 1 month out, lose your deposit, then want to schedule a second hunt, you will be required to pay 1/2 of the hunts value down upon booking. If you cancel MORE than 1 month prior to a hunt, then your deposit is non-refundable but IS transferrable to another date without penalty or any problems. The bottom line is that from the time you begin speaking to me about a hunt, until you hang your Taxidermy (if it is done here) on your wall, I will always 100% keep my word to you. I will act with honor and honesty through every transaction we have, ask anyone who has ever hunted here. I honor my commitments, SO I EXPECT YOU TO DO THE SAME.
  • ADDRESS TO THE LODGE: 51 Old Gordon Road, Grandview, TN 37337. (For GPS directions). Check in time on the day of your arrival is any time after 2 pm Central Time. We eat Supper at 5 pm Central Time, so if you can make it before then you can plan on eating supper with us. If your arrival is after 5 pm Central Time, you may want to grab a bite along the way, as we may have already eaten.
  • Recommended Rifle Calibers are 243 and up. (These recommendations are only recommendations. I can kill a Bull Moose with a 22 long rifle. Shot Placement is EVERYTHING.) Archery, with fixed CUT ON CONTACT broadheads, are also exciting deliverers of death.
  • Personal checks may be used for deposits. However, cash is preferred for final payment. If you are a mature adult who is afraid to carry cash, then we do take most major credit cards (not American Express). There is a 4% charge for the use of a credit or debit card. So, cash is cheaper for you.
  • No license required. Hunting is year round (Except for the Month of July). Your kill is guaranteed. The style of hunt is up to you. Stand hunt or stalk – we hunt according to your request.
  • NO HIDDEN FEES all prices are as stated.
  • NO KILL NO PAY that means pay Nothing.
  • Lodging is FREE.
  • Skinning and Quartering of meat is FREE.
  • No guide fees.
  • The Three Must Haves: 1.Hunting Clothes 2.Weapon of Choice 3.Cooler for Meat
  • As for cooler size, you will need the equivalency of 150 Quarts “worth” of cooler ‘per Boar’ that you intend to take. It can be a big 150, or three small 40s, but it needs to equal at least 150 quarts “worth” of cooler. If you take a Boar here hunting with us that is under 400 pounds, it is because you wanted to. A 150 quart cooler will hold up to about a 700 pound Boar if you have the meat Fully Processed. If you skin and quarter that may not be enough, but 150 quarts worth of cooler is a good recommendation. Also know that if you have room for an extra cooler or two, throw them in the truck. Nothing makes a person madder than having to go buy an extra cooler when he left 2 at the house.
  • Recommended 2 or 3 day hunt.
  • Taxidermy Available.
  • Full Processing and Packaging of Meat Available with SAME DAY SERVICE.
  • We also offer Hydrographics (Hydro Dipped Skulls).
  • I have hog hunted my entire life and I know Trophy Boars. You will kill better boars for your money here than anywhere else. We also promise to do everything in our power to make it the hunt that you have always dreamed about.