Russian Boar

East Tennessee and the History of the Russian Boar

Tennessee has long been regarded as the place to come in pursuit of the “Russian Boar”. The reason for this belief can be revealed in a short history lesson. In the early 1900s an English businessman named Gordon Moore, of the Whiting Manufacturing Company, fenced 500 acres of the companies land in North Carolina near the Tennessee line. Gordon, a long-time sportsman, wanted to establish a hunting preserve on this mountain top called Hooper Bald in the beautiful Snowbird Mountains. In 1912 Gordon brought to this preserve 14 true wild boar from the Ural Mountains of Russia. These hogs are the reason that people in North America refer to European and Eurasian wild boar as “Russians”. These animals of Gordon’s soon escaped this fenced preserve and moved into the Cherokee National Forest region of East Tennessee.

European hogs have been brought into North America in recent years. Only the East Tennessee Mountains, however, have taken hold in the minds of hunters in North America as the place to come for true Russian Trophy Boars. Much the same way these true Russian Boars have taken hold in the mountains of East Tennessee.

Your hunt on this Preserve will guarantee you not only a kill but also a Trophy Boar that can compare to any in the world.


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