Fallow Deer

At Spartan Hunting Preserve is a type of deer that can be found in the Trophy Game Records of the World. The Fallow Deer has been hunted by kings and Rulers all over the World throughout the centuries. We have the very best selection of European and Hungarian Fallow Deer to be found. Here you may choose your method of Hunting your Trophy Deer from Blind Hunting to a Spot and Stalk Hunt. One can Rifle Hunt, Bow Hunt, Black Powder Hunt, or even Handgun Hunt. We have even been known to Safari Style Hunt for those with Handicaps or even for a wheelchair bound Hunter. We have taken many Bronze Medal, Silver Medal and even Gold Medal Fallow Bucks here.

We offer a Trophy TN Slam here in which one can take a Trophy Fallow Deer of each color. Fallow Deer come in Chocolate, Spotted and White. This TN Slam can be achieved by taking all of these colors. Record Class Bucks in each of these colors have been taken here. This TN Trophy Fallow Slam would not only achieve for you, three great Fallow Deer trophies for your Big Game Trophy Wall, but also some of the finest tasting Venison in the World.