Fallow Deer

Fallow Deer originated in the Eastern Mediterranean, but were brought to Europe about 1200 years ago. Hunted by Kings and Rulers the world over for a thousand years, they were brought to America about 75 years ago. Here at Spartan Hunting Preserve we have some of the finest bloodlines of European and Hungarian Fallow Deer to be found on this continent, or in the World. Fallow Deer come in 3 colors. White, Chocolate, and Spotted. We have them all. Fallow are like any other deer in that they reach full maturity between the ages of 4 to 6 years old. Much like we do with our Boar and Ram hunts here, it is the good mature Bucks we are after. Also the $4500 price on a Buck is for any Buck. If you take the best Buck on the place he is still one price. No room for confusion. Bucks lose their antlers around the first of April, and they are back completely hard horned by September 1st. If you would like to take a buck in velvet you would want to book a hunt for mid August. We also allow the hunt of Fallow Doe between the times of September 1st thru January 1st. We don’t want them taken with a belly full of baby, nor while they are nursing. We also do not allow archery hunting for Fallow Doe. They do not come to corn well, so that leaves us with a ’spot and stalk’. They are spooky, much like our Russian Boar here. So spot and stalk with archery is unsuccessful. We do not go after them with a handgun either. Rifle hunting only for Fallow Doe. Also note that the meat on a Fallow Deer is the finest venison you will ever eat. Fallow Deer rank every year in the Top Five best tasting Big Game Meats in the entire world.


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