Wild Boars

Information and History of Wild Boars

How Did Wild Pigs Get Here?

Pigs were first introduced in the 1500s to what is now the southeastern U.S. by Spanish Explorer, Hernando DeSoto. In the centuries following European exploration and colonization of the eastern U.S., free-range livestock management practices and escapes from enclosures resulted in the establishment of wild pig populations and promoted their spread.

Introduction of the European/Eurasian Wild Boar

In the early 1900s, Eurasian or Russian wild boar were introduced into portions of the United States.

Eurasian and/or European Wild Boars are the original Hogs. All dogs came from wolves. All hogs came from European Wild Boar. The first Europeans ever brought to North America were from the Ural Mountains of Russia in 1912 and for many years were the only Europeans in this country. Therefore, Americans started calling them “Russian Boar.”

Over the next century, four other bloodlines of Europeans were introduced into North America (Bzikot, Andres, Kalden and San Diego). Depending on where these lines came from Europe and Asia, they all had slightly different color variations. Different varieties of Black, Brown, Silver, and Gold can be found in these varieties of European and Eurasian Wild Boar. So, for a Trophy Boar Hunter, this means that you can take 15 to 20 different Trophy Russian Boar and all of them could have different color variations. This makes for a great Trophy wall in any Big Game Hunters house.

Add to this, the very wide variety of colors offered by the Feral Wild Boars that are descended from lines released in 1539 by Hernando Desoto and the options expanded even more. Among these Desoto, Feral Boar is the famous Possum Blue Boar, Mulefooted Boar, Wattle Boar, etc.

Then a Hunter can venture to think of the enormous size offered by the Hogzilla Type Feral Boar and he can begin to see that his Trophy options on a Wild Boar hunt at Spartan Hunting Preserve far exceed his options on any other Big Game Trophy hunt. We have the blood of every type of Wild Boar in this country here for you to choose from. Come and see our Trophy Wall of Wild Boar Shoulder Mounts, Half Body Mounts, and Full Body Mounts at our Lodge and see which type of Wild Boar you would like to add to your Big Game Trophy collections.

There are 5 different bloodlines of Russian boars in North America and we are the ONLY LODGE in the country that HAS THEM ALL!

Our goal is to take Mature Trophy Boars. No one does that as consistently as we do.

Bloodlines that we specialize in:


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