Lodging at Spartan Hunting Preserve is free.

Our lodge consists of 7200 square feet of living space. This consist of 3 large gathering areas. One for dining, and two for simply relaxing between adventures. Here we have DirecTV with every channel they offer, sports and otherwise. We do have WiFi, but do not brag about that fact too loudly as we are way out in the country and it is spotty. We also have a community type refrigerator in the dinning area for those who need it. Cokes, Sprites, and Dr. Peppers are always available in the dining area. If you require something other than that, feel free to bring it with you.

Out of these large gathering rooms are doors to our 13 bedrooms. Some of our bedrooms have 4 beds, some 6 beds, and our largest rooms have 8 beds per room. Many of the larger rooms have their own refrigerators. Six of our Bedrooms have 8 beds in each room, for larger groups. These rooms have their own refrigerator and bathroom in each room. The most important thing to know about the bedrooms is that each group will have their own private room. There will be no one inside your bedroom that is not a member of your party. So if you have a snorer in your room …… you brought him with you.

In addition to the bathrooms inside the larger bedrooms, we also have four other bathrooms in the lodge for those smaller rooms. All bathrooms are fully stocked with towels, wash clothes, toilet paper, etc. Bedrooms are fully stocked with sheets, comforters, quilts, pillows, etc. So no need for sleeping bags or plans to ‘rough it’. Unless you are one of those unfortunate folks born with a disease I refer to as ‘Chronic Dissatisfaction’, you will enjoy the Lodge.

We serve 3 meals a day. Breakfast, Dinner, and Supper. (Supper, or course, because you are in the South). Breakfast is served at 6:30 am Central Time. After breakfast is completed, we will head to the woods for our hunt. Around noon we will return from the woods to take pictures of the mornings kill, and afterwords we will eat Dinner. The evening is spent relaxing as our crew gets your meat tended too in whatever way you like. We do skinning and quartering for free, but do have a local guy that does do Full Processing of meat if you want. We also have a local Taxidermist available if you need his services. Whatever you decide with meat or Taxidermy, your Trophies will be stored in our Walk In Cooler until you are ready for it. Around 5pm Central Time is when we eat supper. We have a constant camp fire going at all times. In addition to the camp area, we also have 2136 square feet of Porch Area to enjoy your relaxation time on. The next morning will see us start all over again.


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