Exotic Ram

Here at Spartan we offer a wide variety of Exotic Rams. Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian, Corsicans, Spanish Billys, Barbarossa, Jacob 4 Horns, Desert Paints, and many more. Rams, much like our Wild Boar, can be hunted year round. We do much of our Ram Hunting from a stand, as they come to corn better than the Boar. But if necessary we can also Spot and Stalk for them. Ram hunting is fun because they all travel together in one big group, so if they happen to come to a stand you are in, then you are seeing them all. From there you are shopping for, as we like to say, the one that makes your ’sticker peck out’. Whether you are shopping for color, a nice main, or big head gear, you are there for the one you like the best. They are fun to hunt with a rifle, hand gun, or archery. Also, like we do with the Wild Boar and Fallow Deer, all of the Rams are the same price. If you kill the biggest Ram on the place, he is still the same price as any other Ram. Again, no room for confusion. Check out the photos at the bottom of the page, but if you have any questions about the types of Rams we are taking here, just hit that little Facebook emblem at the bottom of each page on this website. That will take you to our Spartan Hunting Preserve Facebook Page. There you can scroll up and see the most recent Ram harvests from our Lodge.


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