Trophy Boar

Trophy Boar on the Spartan Hunting Preserve

Every animal on Spartan Hunting Preserve carries the blood of the original East Tennessee Russians. Not only did our Preserve already possess this blood, but in 2002 we restocked the area repeatedly with hogs from the Tellico Plains region of Tennessee. This area borders the Cherokee National Forest.

Our goal at this Preserve is to maintain a historically accurate animal to the region, but also to produce the largest and best Trophy Boar in North America. To achieve more size and bigger tusks we researched the four European bloodlines brought into North America in recent years. The largest and best of these proved to be the Bzikot Line. We introduced this line into our preserve. These animals, crossed with our original East Tennessee Russians, produce the Trophy Boar that we offer today.

Three things make an animal a trophy: genetics, nutrition, and age. Here at Sparta, through research, well-stocked woods, and very selective hunting, we are achieving all three. Your hunt on this Preserve will guarantee you not only a kill but also a Trophy Boar that can compare to any in the World.


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