Hunting Style

I recommend that everyone start out hunting from a stand. You are more likely to see more from a stand, in a more relaxed atmosphere and have better-shot angles. Bowhunting should always be done from a stand. Stalking usually results in finding an animal bedded down or up and running.

We do our stand hunting from box blinds. These offer more concealment from the elements and from being spotted by Game. Our box blinds are 8ft x 8ft. They are big enough for families with children or for several hunters to sit together and film each other’s hunts if they choose to. These also offer a single hunter the option of bringing a variety of weapons to a stand.

Each stand is situated in a safe manner. When you are in a stand you may shoot in any direction without fear of hitting another stand. Also, you may feel safe in a stand that you will not be hit. The Golden Rule is that you do not leave the stand without a guide. Safety is first.

If we need to or desire to go on a Spot and Stalk then you will have a guide with you at all times. The game you are after is dangerous enough without having to worry about being shot by a stray bullet.