Hunting Style

Our hunting styles here at the lodge always begin from a Box Blind. Box Blind size ranges from 12ft x 16ft to 12ft x 20ft. Big Box Blinds with room for entire families or entire group wanting to film or enjoy each others hunts. We have one of our guides take you to the stand and get you seated. Each stand is situated in such a way that no person from another stand would be in your shooting range, nor you in theirs. But the golden rule is that you do not leave the stand without a guide. If you walk up over the hill you may put yourself or others in danger, because you may have put yourself in their shooting lane, or them in yours.

Your guide, after getting you seated, will then join the other guides in a search for something you may be interested in. Big Mature Boars, for example, tend to get off by themselves away from the groups of hogs and bed up during the day. Our goal is to find a big Mature Trophy Boar off by himself, then come get you, get the wind in our favor, and try to accomplish a ’Spot and Stalk’ type hunt. The guide will, of course, keep you safe from other hunters firing lanes, as he will know where everyone else has been posted in the woods.

We do have hunters that do take animals from the stand before we return to them from time to time, but our end goal is always a ’spot and stalk’. We consider the stand to simply be a ’staging point’ to begin our hunt. Spot and Stalking on big groups of hogs is difficult, as there are many sets of eyes, and many noses to out fox. Finding a big Mature Boar or two off by themselves is our favorite target.

When Ram or Fallow Deer Hunting, we will seat you in a stand and then spread corn for you. Rams and Deer tend to come to corn more often than do big Mature Boars. But if necessary we will ’Spot and Stalk’ for Rams and Fallow Deer as well. All hunting, Box Blind or Spot and Stalk, is done with safety in mind first. We are very successful, as the entire staff is working to put you in front of something you want from the moment you set foot in the woods.


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