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To reserve your hunt call 931-288-5388

You CAN NOT book your hunt, nor check available dates, on line. To book your hunt, or check for availability you will need to call me at 931-288-5388. Note, this phone number is a Land Line, so a text will not go through. When you call, if you do not get an answer, please leave a message, and I will call you back. If you call, don’t get an answer, and a machine does not pick up, then I am on the phone. Please try again later. You may also email me to check for availability, but to actually book a hunt, the call is required. Most folks, once we have agreed on an available date, like to give their deposit and book their hunt over the phone with a card. That locks the date in immediately. Mailing a deposit sometimes sees the spot gone before the check arrives.

Weekends fill up faster than weekdays. If you have the freedom to hunt ‘early in the week’ then you can find availability longer. Naturally when booking, the further out that you book your reservations the more likely you are to get the exact spot that you want. But as a general rule you can find weekend spots two or three months out. If you have the freedom to come earlier in the week, in many months, you can find availability on very short notice. But a short phone call, or email, can find out any of this information at the drop of a hat.

Many people ask me if there is one time of year better than another for Wild Boar Hunting. Wild Boar are interesting in that there is no one time of year better than another, as far as ‘chance for success’. Boar do not have a “Rut”, like many in the Deer Family. A Sow (Female Hog) can come in heat periodically any time of the year. We change our scouting tactics from one time of year to another, but your chances for success are just as good one time of year as the other. The very same rules apply to hunting our Exotic Rams. As for the Fallow Deer, their antlers fall off in late March, and they are Hard Horned again by September 1st. If you want to take a Fallow Buck in Velvet, you would want to schedule in the first two weeks of August. The Fallow Deer Rut happens in Mid October. We hunt here at Spartan Hunting Preserve every month except the month of July.

To book a hunt requires a $300 deposit per Hunter. We do not charge anything for non hunters, so no deposit is required for them. You can book groups of any size. There is no minimum, nor maximum, size group. Also if you and a friend book a hunt, and later you have friends who want to join your party, you can always add folks to your group any time. Anyone adding would simply call in with their deposit to add to your group. We have rooms of all sizes, 1 bed, 4 beds, 6 beds, and 8 beds. Your group would have it’s own private room. No one would be inside your room that is not inside your party. There are plenty of bathrooms inside the lodge, but the ‘8 bed’ bedrooms have their own bathroom inside the rooms. But those rooms are reserved for bigger groups. Don’t call me with you and your wife, her a non hunter, and ask me for a room with a bathroom in it. That is basically one hunter asking to occupy 8 beds. Don’t ask.

We are very courteous with our ’Non Hunter Policy”. We do not charge for non hunters so that you could bring your wife along with you, as I always do. Or so that you can bring your children, or a grandfather to see his grandchild’s first kill. We want, and encourage that. But do us the favor of not taking advantage of our good nature, and overbooking non hunters. Don’t call me with a Bachelor Party of 10 guys and have 2 of them hunting. Our non hunter policies we have are for families. Children are the future of hunting and we want a man to be able to bring his family with him. Our big spacious box blinds are perfect to allow the entire family to enjoy a child’s first hunt, or to have children watch there father’s take an animal to prepare them for future hunts. Our place is perfect for a child’s first hunt. It needs to be comfortable, them see a lot of stuff, and then be successful in a harvest. Then later when hunts are harder and unsuccessful, they will not become dissuaded because they know it can be better. Our non hunter polices are for that. Also note that if you bring your children to our lodge and you have not raised them to be courteous and respectful of other peoples property, then while they are in my lodge you will be 100% responsible for “CONTROLLING” them. If they are destructive towards the furniture, or anything in our lodge, or if they are disrupting the peace that other hunters have come to the lodge to enjoy, you will be told to leave immediately.

To make reservations you must first contact us to check availability. Then a $300 deposit per hunter is required to hold your dates. (Deposits are transferable to other dates IF CANCELED ONE MONTH PRIOR TO THE HUNT DATE. But NO deposit is refundable.) That can be done with a credit card over the phone or with a check or money order by mail. If you mail the deposit please put me a note in with it reminding me of the dates we discussed.


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