Turkey Hunts

We do not book hunts at Spartan just for Turkeys, but if you have taken a Boar, Ram, or Fallow Deer with us you can add a Turkey Hunt to your package. We do our other hunts primarily in the mornings, as evenings are usually spent taking care of meat harvested that morning. So we offer Turkey Hunts in the afternoon, as taking care of that meat takes less time. All of our meat preparation is completed the same day you harvest the animal.

Our Turkey hunts can involve stand hunting if someone is limited in their ability to walk. Otherwise our Turkey Hunts involve setting up and calling, making a move on a bird if necessary, and also stalking. My sons and son-in-law, in addition to their guiding during morning hunts, also assist in many of the evening hunts for Turkeys, but I also have a good friend who has recently moved to Tennessee from Mississippi to help us with our Turkey Hunting operations. Jay Ladner is a life long Turkey Hunter who’s calling skills I would match with anyone in the world. Like many seasoned Turkey Hunters, Jay takes as much pleasure in calling a bird in to you, as he would taking it for himself. He will assist you in an exciting maze of calls, moves, and maneuvers to bag your gobbler. I don’t care who you are, or what your level of Turkey Hunting experience is, you will enjoy and learn many things from this man. He knows Turkeys as well as any man I have ever met.

When Boar Hunting with us we explain to people that Russians are kind of like Whitetail Deer, in that they are beautiful, but all have similar colors. But when you expand your hog hunting here into also hunting the Feral type Boars then your color variations branch out into an almost endless variety. This makes for a much more diverse and exciting Trophy Room. The Turkey experience we can provide you with is very similar. We offer all of your traditional Wild Turkey colors, but we also can expand you into what we call the Heritage Turkeys. Here, as with the Feral type Boars, you can harvest a wide variety of color variations. These Heritage Turkeys such as the Royal Palm, Narragansett, Bourbon Red, Sweetgrass, and Blue Slate, will liven up the looks of any Trophy showcase. So if you have an interest in spicing up your afternoons with us feel free to add a Turkey Hunt to your experience.


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