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Wild Boar hunting in the past decade has surpassed every other big game animal as a challenge to hunters in North America, except Whitetail Deer. If we are discussing dangerous game, however, they are at the top. If you search for hogs with a reasonable amount of European blood then the East Tennessee region is your best bet for the real thing. There are a few other lodges across the country who have stocked a decent amount of European Blood,
but no one has a longer and more solid history than East Tennessee.

Most hunting areas, however, offer Wild Boar as a side-line to Whitetail Deer. Usually they are offering Feral Hogs.

To me personally, a great Feral Boar can equal a great European Boar in every way. Some of the baddest hogs I have ever tangled with have been Feral. The problem for hunters who are offered a hog as a side-line to Deer is that they are usually only offered because they are a nuisance to the area.
Therefore they are not selectively hunted and you are allowed to kill young boars. This cuts down on the number of animals allowed to reach a trophy age. At a place like this you may see hundreds of hogs without seeing one trophy. We believe it is a waste to take a boar before he has reached his peak. Many hunting areas kill boars before three to five years of age. A true trophy hunter would never consider taking a Whitetail Deer at these ages, but it is the same thing.
We want you to take a Trophy Boar, that if compared to a Whitetail Buck, would be a 10 point or better.


Spartan Hunting Preserve

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