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normankemmerdogsThe Kemmer Family came to historic Grassy Cove Tennessee in 1806. My grandfather, due to an Air Force career, was moved to Gulfport Mississippi. Here my father, Norman Kemmer, took up hog hunting in the swamps and bayous of the deep south. He became renowned throughout the hog hunting communities for, not only his hog hunting knowledge, but also his extremely tough line of catch dogs. He began this line of dogs in the mid 1960’s. After forty years of selective breeding these dogs are known around the world for their grit and determination. These same dogs make up the hog catching staff, when needed, at the Spartan Hunting Preserve.



robert_roy_kemmer_dogsAs for the location dogs, or bay dogs, we look to another famous dog man in the Kemmer Family. Robert Kemmer still maintains a line of cur dogs that have been in the Kemmer family since their arrival in Grassy Cove in 1806. Kemmer Curs are world famous for their hunting skills. (My father and I were Elk hunting in the Selway-Bitterroot Wilderness in Idaho in 1999. Here we passed a Montana hunter who had a sign on his truck that read “I hunt Kemmer Curs.”) These are the same curs, when needed, that will be used to locate your Trophy Boar at Spartan Hunting Preserve.



kemmer_curs_at_workWhen you come to this Preserve you will be entering a family operated
business. Robert Kemmer lives only a few miles from the Preserve and has been involved and consulted throughout it’s conception. Robert guided and organized hunts for the Historic Renegade Hunting Lodge for years. Thanks to my father, I have been in the hog woods practically since birth. When I was five years old my mother and father took me hog hunting in Chalmette Louisiana and we caught 10 boars and brought them
out alive. These are the kind of stories that have always made up my life. I have been a truly blessed man. When you come here you will receive personal attention from the Kemmer Family doing what we have done for generations.
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