Spartan Preserve Price List

These Prices are for the Entire Hunt,

NOT by the day!

Trophy Boars – $950.00

Exotic Rams
(Black Hawaiians, Corsican, Texas Doll, Etc.) $950

Fallow Bucks $2,500

Fallow Does $900


Boar / Ram Combo $1,800

2 Boars $1,800

Boar / Deer $3,350

Book a Group of 5 or more and each Boar is $900.00


When comparing prices to other lodges make sure they give you the “out the door price”. That is the price after the hidden fees and add-ons.



  • A $200 deposit holds your date and the remainder is due in cash upon your arrival to camp. Mail deposits to: Mitch Kemmer, 51 Old Gordon Rd, Grandview, TN 37337.
  • ADDRESS TO THE LODGE: 51 Old Gordon Road, Grandview, TN 37337. (For GPS directions)
  • Recommended Rifle Calibers are 243 and up. (These recommendations are only recommendations. I can kill a Bull Moose with a 22 long rifle. Shot Placement is EVERYTHING.) Archery, with fixed CUT ON CONTACT broadheads, are also exciting deliverers of death.
  • Personal checks may be used for deposits.  However, cash is preferred for final payment.  If you are a mature adult who is afraid to carry cash, then we do take most major credit cards (not American Express).  There is a 4% charge for the use of a credit or debit card.  So, cash is cheaper for you.


  • No license required. Hunting is year round. Your kill is guaranteed. The style of hunt is up to you. Stand hunt or stalk – we hunt according to your request.
  • NO HIDDEN FEES all prices are as stated.
  • NO KILL NO PAY that means pay Nothing.
  • Lodging is FREE.
  • Skinning and Quartering of meat is FREE.
  • No guide fees.
  • The Three Must Haves: 1.Hunting Clothes 2.Weapon of Choice 3.Cooler for Meat
  • Recommended 2 or 3 day hunt.
  • Taxidermy Available.
  • Full processing and packaging of meat available.
  • We also offer Hydrographics (Hydro Dipped Skulls).
  • More species of Deer and Antelope available. Other Exotics also available. Call for pricing and prior notice is required.
  • I have hog hunted my entire life and I know Trophy Boars. You will kill better boars for your money here than anywhere else. We also promise to do everything in our power to make it the hunt that you have always dreamed about.

Mitch Kemmer
Spartan Hunting Preserve

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*Deposits are transferable, but not refundable.

Go to our website and check out our "Photo Page" then check out our Facebook page "Spartan Hunting Preserve" and see what we kill every day! If you hunt boar with anyone else check our Facebook page on that day, and see what you could have taken with us on that same day.