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Lodging at Spartan Hunting Preserve is free.

Upon entering the front door at your lodge you are in a spacious 20 x 36 foot central room. This room is for dining, watching TV, lying, etc.. From this room you can enter any of the four bedrooms. Each bedroom has four to six beds. These are for you to relax between adventures.

Also from the central room you can enter our full kitchen and full bathroom. Hot running water, Direct TV, total bedding, fully stocked kitchen, and all the comforts of home.

Breakfast is served at 6:30 a.m. and there is no need to set an alarm. Just wake to the smell of bacon cooking. As soon as breakfast is over we head for the woods. You are picked up from the stand around Noon and we return to the lodge for dinner. After a relaxing dinner and discussions of the mornings adventures, we return to action. We then hunt until close to dark when we return to the lodge for supper (remember we are in the South, so breakfast, dinner, and supper).


After supper the evening continues with stories around the campfire. We deliver your Trophy to the Processor and the Taxidermist at no charge if you desire these services. Our large walk in cooler keeps your meat cool until your departure.

My wife and I are here to greet you upon your arrival and wave goodbye to you as you depart. This is a family business and while you’re here we want you to feel like part of the family.

If large Trophy Boars are your goal, remember that has been my families hobby for generations.


Spartan Hunting Preserve

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